We believe that society is enriched through connecting people with new experiences. This is the aim of our company.

Relux, whose service is facilitating reservations for first class accommodations and Japanese Ryokan, exists to help people discover the charms and new experiences each part of Japan has to offer: travelers and lodging, explorers and new regions, Japan and the world!
It is our mission to create these one-of-a-kind connections.

This business has been built from the ground up to facilitate these experiences to the benefit of society and the world at large.


Representing Japan,
Putting Customer
Satisfaction First:
Your Global Travel Agent

By educating guests about the hospitality options Japan is so proud of we believe that we can make their trip, and stay, a more satisfying experience.

In order to make the ideal of "Building Better Connections" a reality on the global scale we strive to make each travelers story one to remember through our reservation service.

Loco Partners has laid out five tenants,
deemed to as "Locoship," to be the directing foundation
by which our organization, and products,
may continue to grow.


"Be Honest," in numbers, to people, and with ourselves. While fair-weather honesty is easy, it must persevere turbulence as well in order to properly meet challenges head on. We must not divert our gaze from hard facts.


"One Team," is the idea that success is the responsiblity of the whole. With each member of our One Team working in stride our customers will reap the greatest benefits and the company will continue to flourish, thus enriching the experiences of each colleague.


"Ownership" is the ideal that each individual must claim their own challenges to overcome. In tackling these learning experiences the whole team is propelled forward, sharing that momentum. Ownership means being fully conscious about these oppurtunities that the passive eye may not see.


"Rocket Speed," embodies the notion that action is the shortest path to growth, and fastest way to increasing value for our customers. Approaching each project with such vigor only increases the speed by which we meet these goals. Afterall, it's better to be great at five things than perfect at only one.


"Fail Harder," is advice to anyone afraid of failure. The fear of failure has haulted so many dreams before they even started. Be bold, strategic, and unbridaled, for that is the way to make an impact. Success is the peak atop the mountain called failure - and the harder we fail, the better prepared we become to lead in the future.


Takaya ShinozukaPresident /
Chief Operating Officer

Takaya ShinozukaPresident / Chief Operating Officer

Born in 1984, and after graduating from Toyo University Economics School in 2007, entered Recruit Holdings as a new graduate, wherein he was assigned to the Travel Company. Shinozuka founded Loco Partners in September of 2011, and was inducted as president and CEO. Hobbies: travelling, jogging and playing the guitar. Literary Works: 整理の習慣(A Habit to Organize), Kanki Publishing INC. Media Appearances: Nihon Keizai Shinbun, The Sankei Shinbun, TV Tokyo, Fuji TV, and more.

Fumihiko MurakamiVice President /
Business Development

Fumihiko Murakami Vice PresidentVice President / Business Development

Born in 1967. After joining Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd. Murakami later joined Dainidenden Electronic Co., Ltd. (now KDDI) in 1996. Murakami engaged in mobile Internet business at the new businesses promotion headquarters, in contents media operations headquarters. From 2016 he has acted as commerce business vice chief director for the finance - commerce promotion headquarters of KDDI. In February 2017 he took office as Vice President Representative Director Loco Partners Co., Ltd.
Hobbies: reading, driving.

Tomoaki SuzukiCFO

Tomoaki SuzukiCFO

Born in 1973. Suzuki entered Dainidenden Electronic Co., Ltd. (now KDDI) as a new graduate. Responsibilities included account settlement and taxation. After that time, Suzuki progressed to managing and accounting for the annual financial planning in the corporate management division and executive management. From February of 2017, became CFO for Loco Partners Co., Ltd. Hobbies: reading and skiing.

Kazuki ShiokawaSales

Kazuki ShiokawaSales

Born in 1979 and graduated from Ritsumeikan University department of economics. After working for JTB Co., Ltd., joined Recruit Co., Ltd in the travel division. During this time, was responsible for the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Izu, and the Shinshu area and has managed over 2,000 facilities. Next, Afterward, for TravelZoo Japan Co., Ltd., engaging in the entertainment industry, and sales management of hotels and Ryokan. In July of 2012, joined Loco Partners as a sales director. Hobbies: traveling and visiting hotels (at least 100 nights a year), restaurant tours, golf, and more.

Shun MiyashitaMarketing

Shun MiyashitaMarketing

Born in 1985. Graduated from Yokohama National University, School of Business. As a new graduate joined Recruit Co., Ltd. in 2007. Was involved in the used car division of the company, as well as launching new ventures into daily consumption products. Was responsible for the launch of of the e-commerce service "Pompare Mall," which launched in 2013 and saw its worth grow by fifteen times in two years. From November of 2015, became an executive member of Loco Partners Co., Ltd. and has since served as the director of of marketing. Hobbies: snowboarding and diving.

Kempei MonnaGlobal Business Division

Kempei MonnaGlobal Business Division

Born in 1991 to a Japanese father and Chinese mother. Raised in Shanghai until 2007, and graduated from Keio University in 2015 with a degree in Environment and Information Studies. Began working with Loco Partners in 2012, prior to graduating which would lead to taking on the position of global business manager, and subsequently contributing significantly to domestic business growth. In 2017 was appointed by Loco Partners to a representative position with a Chinese subsidy and made an executive officer in April of 2019. Current prerogatives consist of marketing management and promoting a wide range of system partnerships with China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and also English speaking nations and their major travel companies across the world. Hobbies include such passions as backpacking and travelling.

Kazuhiro TaniguchiEngineer in Charge

Kazuhiro TaniguchiEngineer in Charge

Born in 1969. Joined Mitsubishi Paper Mills as a new graduate. Worked for Infoseek (now Rakuten) in 2000 as a web service engineer, and from 2001 also served as Deputy Director of the Development Department. In 2006, joined Microsoft and was responsible for the general Japanese market as well as overseas program manager. Afterward, was an architect for Sompo Japan Nipponkoa, after the restructuring of EPARK. Since then, joined Loco Partners Co., Ltd. in 2018, and in August of 2018 became an executive officer. Hobbies: skiing and tennis.